I sat down with Ana Chavez from Value Schools, located in Los Angeles, CA for the first episode of the Charter Chat Podcast. She tells us about how she got started in charter schools and education.

Ana spoke about their values-based model and how the kids build character and learn the importance of community.

We discussed some of the challenges Value Schools faces with facilities and their current ongoing fundraiser to raise money to build a permanent home for one of their campuses.

Ana continues to talk about the Five Core Values of Value Schools. These core values are:

1. Academic excellence is the means to a full life.

2. Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential.

3. Each individual is unique and deserves respect.

4. A safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence.

5. Service to others and the community is a responsibility of an educated person.

Thank you to Ana Chavez for taking the time to sit down with me tell us more about Value Schools. You can find out more on Value Schools by visiting their website at

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GUESTS: Ana Chavez of Value Schools
HOSTED BY: Juliet Lucero

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