I spoke with a couple of the Founders of Redwood Preparatory Charter School, located in Humboldt County for the third episode of the Charter Chat Podcast. I had the pleasure of interviewing Krista Croteau & Melanie Downing who are both a couple of the founders of the school.

Hear about how Krista and Melanie got started in education and how they decided to start a charter school in their small community. They have a great story about how Redwood Prep started and how the community really came together to help. 

We discussed the school's Five Core Values:

1. Academic Rigor

2. Social Responsibility

3. Community

4. Shared Leadership

5. Educating the Whole Child

Redwood Prep's core values have evolved and have expanded their program to focus on STEAM.

Thank you to Krista Croteau & Melanie Downing for taking the time to sit down with me tell us more about Redwood Prep. You can find out more about Redwood Prep by visiting their website at www.redwoodprep.org

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GUESTS: Krista Croteau & Melanie Downing of Redwood Preparatory Charter School
HOSTED BY: Juliet Lucero

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